Agile Collaboration Frameworks

Business leaders and their organizations today need to be more agile to be able to appropriately respond to “Uber-ization” of industries and other changes in order to succeed in an uncertain and turbulent environment.

However, this Holy Grail of “business agility” has been difficult to achieve despite many noble attempts.

One key problem is that most Agile practices today, e.g. Scrum, Lean,  are derived from a set of principles which describe a better way to develop software or manufacture automobiles.

Many of the artifacts of these software / manufacturing processes have been extended into various other areas of business, e.g. daily standup meetings, but the problems of this approach are two-fold:

1. The needs of a leadership team, e.g. strategic thinking and decision making, are different than the needs of a project /engineering team building a “product”

2. Too often these artifacts are artificially applied in a “one-size-fits-all” manner, ignoring the important differences of each business.

 Our Approach is Different

We listen deeply to understand your needs and use a variety of techniques to derive a systems view of your organizational culture and status. From there:

  • We design a custom-tailored process framework which incorporates best-practices of Agile and other approaches that will uniquely work with your organization
  • We lead and model the process with your team or organization to fine-tune it and ensure that it runs smoothly and gives you your desired advantages
  • We then train your staff to successfully operate the process

This approach saved a Fortune 50 organization hundreds of thousands of dollars, saved massive amounts of rework and conflict, eliminated the need for “backdoor deals”, and helped successfuly deliver an enterprise software integration.

Call to set up an appointment for a complementary conversation to see how we might help you address some of your challenges.