Richard Marks

Executive & Communication Coaching for Senior Leaders & Their Teams

We specialize in coaching and developing leaders to clarify their vision, uncover and overcome hidden obstacles to success, and build their capacity to remain calm, clear-headed and laser focused while handling work and life’s greatest challenges.

We also help build teams & cultures of growth & positivity, balancing bottom-line performance with psychological safety, authentic communication, and trusted relationships.


What Clients Are Saying

"I found Richard's direct yet compassionate approach to be one of the most effective at getting results. He is masterful at getting to the core of an issue and clarifying my thought process, saving me months, if not years, of time. By focusing on real-world, practical solutions, he facilitates taking action steps that work."                                     

- director of finance, national NON-PROFIT

“Richard has guided Cisco’s Development Organization in the creation of our leadership program. He has the ability to expand his focus into business-, process- and change-management projects as requested, but is also able to narrow his focus on both strategic and tactical implementation as needed.”


“Richard provided me with some of the best coaching I’ve had. Don’t be fooled by his gentle exterior -- he is a fierce advocate for getting his clients unstuck. He is relentlessness in his pursuitof transformation, and I knew he wouldn’t let me go halfway. This is a gift in a coach and I’m grateful for his help.”                                                                            

- Principal, VLR Consulting

"I've feel like I've done a 180, the skills that I have acquired during this time have been just a game changer. In my current role, I manage people differently, I speak to and acknowledge and interact with family and friends differently, and it is because of the skills that I acquired during my time and coaching with Richard and being a part of the Positive intelligence Program."

- sales Director, PHARMA/HEALTHCARE