I’m Richard Marks. I Help Leaders Dramatically Increase their Performance, Growth & Well-Being

You are a leader responsible for results for yourself and your team members. You may be getting things done but at what cost to you, your team, or your loved ones? 

In my more than 25 years in business, I have been part of more dysfunctional teams and organizations than I care to admit. I realized that my personal  experience with trauma impacted my ability to be truly helpful.

In my heart, I knew there had to be a better way. I researched, invested in, and got certified in state-of-the-art  methodologies for bringing coherence, psychological safety, mental fitness and performance for leaders and their teams. 

I partner with like-minded professionals to bring our 25+ years’ experience to help transform leaders and teams.  This holistic, agile approach differs from many traditional coaching and consulting firms and facilitates  innovative, cost-effective solutions to get outstanding results with greater ease and flow.

Some organizations impacted...

We spend enough time at work. Work doesn't have to be so hard!

Topics I Can Help You With



We help you identify your North Star, an inspiring vision that will rally others and sustain you when things get tough.



We help you and your team learn how to communicate authentically, positively and effectively.



Helping leaders find their own effective leadership style and providing a safe sounding board to explore challenges.



We help co-design innovative strategies and solutions to complex problems.


Change Management

Strategies and tactics to address the whirl-wind of change that every org is experiencing.


Culture Design

Build morale, engagement and a high-performance culture with ease and flow.


Team Development

Overcome low trust, unhealthy conflict, negative accountability for positivity and high-performance


Positive Intelligence

Improve mental fitness,  performance, wellness, relationships with this program and framework