We help business & technology leaders dramatically improve performance…

Are you a business or technology leader? Do you ever experience some of the following challenges in your organization?

• Late product or service delivery
• Missed sales targets
• Difficulty attracting and retaining key talent
• Less than acceptable quality
• Low morale and overall productivity

For the past 25 years I’ve consulted and coached leaders and staff at top Fortune 100 companies like Cisco Systems and HP, as well as multiple smaller organizations, startups, utilities and government organizations.

In almost every case, I’ve worked with very smart, well-intentioned people who were dealing with some or all these common leadership and organizational inefficiencies:

• Lack of clarity / alignment around vision, goals and objectives
• Organizational silos (us vs. them mentality) & finger pointing
• Poor conflict resolution, or conflict avoidance
• Ineffective or toxic communication patterns
• Less than optimal creativity, productivity or team synergy

After 20 years as a traditional management consultant and coach, I’ve developed an integrated consulting and leadership coaching model that identifies and mitigates hidden obstacles to success with cutting-edge tools and strategies. These work equally well at the leader, team and/or organizational level.

As a result, we typically can help our clients to:
• Dramatically improve the typical 30% success rate on strategic change initiatives
• Enhance team alignment and engagement, even across organizational boundaries
• Communicate clearly and effectively to promote understanding
• Get from point A to point B in the shortest time possible
• Manage conflict productively
• Improve overall productivity and performance

Contact me if:
• Your team isn’t performing at the level that you want
• You are aware of areas for growth as a leader, particularly around your “inner game” areas (relationships, emotional awareness, culture)
• You are responsible for an important change initiative and need to have it succeed
• You could benefit from the perspective of an outside, trusted advisor

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