Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment


It’s like an MRI of your Leadership Effectiveness

The LCP is the only instrument that measures the two primary leadership domains–
Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies – and integrates this information so that key opportunities for development immediately rise to the surface.

LCP is unique in that it reveals a leader’s Operating System: Internal assumptions (beliefs) that run behavior in both domains. This allows the manager to see how his/her inner world of thought translates into a productive or unproductive style of leadership. Ultimately, LCP increases the inner awareness that affects outward behavior.

The top half of the circle maps Creative Competencies that contribute to a leader’s effectiveness. They measure how you achieve results, bring out the best in others, lead with vision, enhance your own development, act with integrity, and improve organizational systems. High scores in the Creative dimensions correlate to high levels of leadership effectiveness and business performance.

Enhance Leadership Development - The Leadership Circle

Reactive Tendencies are leadership styles emphasizing caution over creating results, self-protection over productive engagement, and aggression over building alignment. These self-limiting styles overemphasize the focus on gaining the approval of others, protecting
yourself, and getting results through high control tactics.

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The Collective Leadership Assessment™ (CLA) delivers a powerful litmus test of collective leadership effectiveness for teams or the organization. The CLA is a robust view of where employees view current collective leadership effectiveness compared to the desired collective effectiveness. The “gap” between current collective effectiveness and desired instantly reveals opportunities for development. Additionally, the CLA compares your team’s or organization’s effectiveness against our global database.

Leadership dimensions circle
The Collective Leadership Assessment measures 31 dimensions of collective effectiveness. These 31 dimensions are organized into eight summary dimensions and displayed in the same circular format as the inner circle of the Leadership Circle Profile. The eight dimensions are further summarized into two measures of overall organizational health. Altogether, the Collective Leadership Assessment provides the lens to understand your current and desired collective effectiveness.
Break-out reports can easily be produced from the department level in an organization to the entire organization.

Taps into an ever-growing global database allowing your organization to be compared to the global norm base and/or to any industry.

Seamlessly integrates with the Leadership Circle Profile 

The CLA uses the same integral Creative/Reactive framework creating change at the group level while building on the Leadership Circle Profile’s (LCP) individual leadership development. The CLA measures the impact of that behavior of the culture on your team or organization.

Download the Collective Leadership Assessment brochure to explore descriptions of all 31 assessment dimensions.

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