Best of Both Worlds

We provide the best of  traditional change / management consulting AND state-of-the-art leadership and team development – the best of both worlds. We’ve helped companies as diverse as HP, PG&E, Cisco Systems, Global-ID, FEMA, as well as funded start-ups to:

  1. Build a culture of positive interaction and high achievement to attract and retain the best employees
  2. Improve quality, processes and sales
  3. Learn new skills and behaviors to resolve conflict with positivity and resilience
  4. Communicate effectively across the organization
  5. Increase the confidence, effectiveness and reputation of key leaders
  6. Uncover and address hidden obstacles to project completion and success
  7. Build morale, increase productivity, and have more fun at work

Our Management Consulting Services include:

  • Change Management / Change Leadership
  • Strategic Communication
  • Process Improvement
  • Group Facilitation

Our Leadership and Team Development Services include:

  • Integral Leadership Assessment and Coaching (Inner and Outer game)
  • Team Coaching and Alignment – everyone pulling together in same direction
  • Multi-dimensional workshop design and delivery to achieve outcomes listed above

See our Services page for additional details

We believe in the potential for greatness for every leader and organization. Let us help you find and live yours.